Digital Architect

My name is Ernst van Megen and I'm a digital architect. A digital architect is someone who designs and oversees the realisation of a project.

I'm interested in the stories behind the projects; why they were made, and the reasoning behind them. I like to design for the web and find new ways to improve designs.

If you have questions or feedback you can contact me at and call me at +31(0)6 14 555 992.


The world we live in is becoming more and more digital.The internet of things is already happening and web components are very promising. Digital also connects the world in a way we've never seen before. I think that the digital world will have a larger impact in the future than we are able to imagine today.

I enjoy being part of this digital world by creating designs for websites and applications.


As an architect I am responsible for inventing or realising a particular idea or project. This is the only label I could find to explain that I am not only inventing new websites and applications but also overseeing the realisation of it. Most of the time I like to work on client projects that have clear boundaries and goals.

The best part of being an architect is creating something new and getting a team onboard to realise it.

Read more about my experiences on my résumé.