In 2014, I build the prototype for Etala, a web experience where consumers can find the latest products from stores.

Etala's design is based on the idea that everything in the near future will be presented in some form of feed.

If you look at the fashion blog The Pursuit Aesthetic you will see the stream of newly added images. Everyday there is something new; and you can easily see what is new due the way it's presented. The newest article on top. It's just like your news feed in Facebook.


Using the news feed idea as a starting point I've designed a system where people can easily select a city and get the latest products added by the stores in that city.

Etala wireframe

First wireframe of the home page after pen and paper sketching.

Etala wireframe

A horizontal list of the shops that are on Etala.

Etala wireframe

Early wireframe of a product page.

Etala wireframe

Wireframe of the home page after trying to eliminating everything that was not required.

Etala wireframe

Variant of the home page.

Etala wireframe

Current home page. Removed all details from the home page and just show the images of the products.

Etala wireframe

Current product page with the large images in the center of the page. On the left side the details and on the right side the action panel.

This way, consumers can always see the latest products in stores without having to visit the actual store. It gives the store owners the ability to promote every new product and put it in a spotlight on the home page. Consumers can also add products in a wish list and open them while they're shopping on their mobile.

Talking with shopkeepers

While talking with store keepers they explained that they already have a Facebook page or a website and webshop that needs to be maintained.

The experience I want to offer for shops is an almost effortless system where they can add all information they want to share and then add their newest products only on Etala.

Facebook and other social network profiles are limited to their current following and friends of their following. Not everyone who shops at a store will like that store page. That said; a Facebook page doesn't have the shopping experience build in that you for your customers to enjoy.

Stores have limited resources and can't spend all their time on websites and webshops, especially smaller stores. I will solve this problem by making it very easy to create an store account, adding products and making online sales.

To be continued.


Wikipedia: "A web feed (or news feed) is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content."

Newsfeed Example