I help make digital products at Casengo as a product owner since 2014.

My name is Ernst van Megen and I design applications for the web. I'm always interested in the stories behind the projects; why they were made, and who made them. I like to find new ways to improve applications and use new technologies. I have been doing this full time for the last seven years.

I find great challenge in making things as simple as possible. In Dieter Rams words: 'Weniger aber besser'.


Agile Project Management and Planning

7 years

I have experience with agile project management and planning for both remote and in house teams. One of the biggest challenges is keeping everyone in the loop and maintaining a focus on growth and stability at the same time.

User Interface Design

7 years

I enjoy designing applications for the web. I come up with my own ideas or translate ideas from clients for the user interfaces.

User Experience Design

7 years

For every project I create a user experience design based on the research that I do to understand the users's needs./p>

Lean Analytics

3 years

I can integrate analytical tools like MixPanel with funnels and specific events and people properties to understand the user's behavior and help them get more value out of the product. Additionally it's very helpful for the business to see where it's at so it can make decisions build on top of facts.


5 years

Strategy is thinking and defining the why, the business model and thinking short and long term. A why statement defines the business root and aligns the team's efforts. It's the ground on which projects are build. Business models help think about how to add value to the customer.

Specification Writing

7 years

Documentation and specifications are important to align the team's efforts and get a check and approve from the client. Documentation for different phases help make the best decision regarding the prioritisation of features.


4 years

I can handle some frontend work where HTML and CSS is required.